3 powerful ways to successfully lose weight. (No. 1 is most important)

As soon as the New Year came, my inbox has been filled with losing weight questions so I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips to SUCCESSFULLY lose weight and keep it off.

In order to lose the weight and keep it off, you have to change your lifestyle, the way you think about yourself as a person and eating habits. There's no way around it. Yo-Yo dieting as many women and men do isn't good for your health and as we all know it doesn't work. And why would you want to torture yourself through a horrible diet feeling miserable, then to just keep that weight off for a week or 2 then to gain it all back, feeling like shit again? It's nor fun, healthy or sustainable.

Successful weight loss starts in your head and with your emotions. Change this and you don't have to think about what diet is best for you, it just becomes "normal".

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1. Change the way you think of yourself

This is, without a doubt the MOST important thing you have to do first. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. Who do you see yourself as? A fat loner? A person who can't lose weight no matter what you try? A goddess? A fabulous fit human being that is unstoppable?

YOU decide what person you want to be!

The main reason why you haven't lost the weight you want to lose is that you see yourself as fat, overweight or an underachiever.

You keep telling yourself:

"I've tried everything, can't lose the weight."

"I've always been fat."

"I'm just big boned, I'm supposed to be fat."

"I always feel hungry when I try to lose the weight."

"Losing weight is hard."

"I don't like to exercise, it's too hard."

"I can't lose those last few pounds."

When you tell yourself these lies, they become true. Stop lying to yourself and start creating the person you want to be - the person you DESERVE to be.

Stop telling your friends and loved ones:

"I look fat in this."

"I feel fat today."

"I'm so bloated today."

"You are so much skinnier than me."

"I wish I could be as skinny as you are."

"You are so much prettier than me."

Stop putting yourself down and raise your personal standards! Cut out the statements above, and start to tell yourself what you are worth and where you want to be.

Start telling yourself things like this (even if it doesn't feel true at the time)

"I feel so healthy and fit today."

"My bum looks great in these jeans."

"I'm excited to work out because it will put me one step closer to my goal weight."

"I feel amazing today."

"I'm so grateful for my body."

"I'm so happy I'm losing the weight and that I can see my body is transforming."

"I'm look amazing and I'm fucking awesome!"

Start saying this to yourself, make yourself excited about your weight loss journey.

Because you can do it.

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2. Create new rituals

Successful weight loss is about doing the little things. Rituals are habits. Change your rituals and you will see dramatic changes.

Do you normally get a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks? Get a normal ice coffee instead.

Do you have crisps with your lunch? Have some carrot and hummus or a banana instead.

Do you get a chocolate bar in the morning? Eat dark chocolate instead.

Do you work out 2 times per week? Work out 3 times.

And so on.

Think of what you do every day, and start changing your rituals one by one.

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3. Think about your health rather than your weight

When most people who start to eat healthily it's just to lose weight. But it does so much more! You're changing your overall health! You are lowering the risk for future diseases. You are becoming a healthier, fresher and more energetic person!

Instead of thinking I'm eating all these vegetables for my dinner because they are low in calories meaning I will be eating fewer calories so I will lose weight.

Think this instead: I'm eating all these nutritious vegetables that will give my body a load of vitamins and minerals meaning it will:

Boost my immune system so I won't become ill.

Give my hair and nails loads of nutrients, meaning, less spots and shiny beautiful hair.

It will be easier for my digestive system to digest, giving me more energy.


When you do this you take the pressure of losing the weight. You stop thinking about calories and you will automatically eat healthy foods because you are focusing on boosting your health. You will be more relaxed, you will feel better about eating all the nutritious food and you will lose the weight. Simple.

Do these 3 steps like it was your religion and I promise you-you don't ever have to search for the optimal diet or ever worrying about your body and weight again. Because you can do whatever you put your mind to because you are an incredible human-being.

Good luck :)

Any questions, comment in the comment section below!

DC x