Why you should go meat-free this Monday

Happy Monday!

Mondays are the days to start your week with the right mindset. And today I want to encourage you to go meat-free this Monday, and hopefully every Monday from now.


Well, there is a number of reasons. The choices we make at the dinner table affects others as well. Our choices no longer have just a local impact, their effects are felt globally, on animals, people and the environment.

The demand for animal products has been growing substantially over the last few decades. Which has caused animal agriculture to gobble up water energy, land and crops. Factory farms use more plant food to feed livestock than what they produce in actual animal products. Just raising animals for food is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas commission, causing global warming.

I'm not against animal products, I'm a strong believer we should have animal products in our diets. However, we do not need it every day and we do eat WAY TOO MUCH.

We have been taught that animal products should be the star of the meal, but plant food should. That's where all the nutrients are.

Why is it good for my health?

Animal protein is the hardest macronutrient for the body to digest. It's thermogenic, meaning it burn more calories than you consume during digestion. In simple words, it speeds up your metabolism. Yes, it's great for weight loss but not so great if you suffer from any health conditions or as simple as a rash, headache or an ache. If you eat animal products on a daily basis with every meal, your digestive system has to put so much energy into just breaking down the protein. Leaving fewer resources to fix your other problems. And this is one of the main reasons why everyone who starts to cut out animal products or go vegan or vegetarian suddenly feel so amazing. They let their digestive system have a rest and also consume a lot more nutrients which the body needs for optimal health.

If you don't eat animal products but still suffer from health conditions, you should take another look at your diet.

But what to eat?

For breakfast eat porridge with fruit, berries, nuts and seeds or a filling smoothie with leafy green vegetables, a frozen banana, plant milk and some spirulina.

For lunch have a chickpea salad with rocket, tomatoes, avocado, peppers and a vinaigrette.

For dinner have a stir fry with rice noodles, green veggies, peppers, mushrooms, liquid aminos and cashew nuts.

It's not hard or boring not eating animal products for one day. It's better for the environment and its better for you health.

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If everyone cut out only meat 1 day a week - I think the world would be a better place.

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I personally try to eat as little meat as I can, I try to keep it no more than 3 times a week. This is not always the case but it's better to try than not at all. Even if you can't go animal free breakfast, lunch or dinner, try one of the meals. If everyone did that, it could make a big difference.

Help our plant and your health - go meat-free every Monday.

DC x