Personalised Health Plan w/ weekly check-ins 12 weeks


Personalised Health Plan w/ weekly check-ins 12 weeks


This plan you will receive a personalised health plan based on a personal questionnaire. You will have weekly check-ins with me to make sure you are on the right track. You will also have unlimited email support if you have any questions or need guidance and advice. 

You will receive your plan within 5 working days of purchase.

Please contact me prior to purchasing the plan.


  • Discuss medical history, your health, lifestyle and eating habits

  • Review diet using completed food diaries

  • Use information you provide and work with you to set realistic goals

  • Work with you to create a tailored nutrition plan with practical suggestions to help you achieve your goals

  • Provide a full analysis of your diet including assessment of your consumption of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre, fluid and vitamins and minerals

  • Identification of food groups/vitamins/minerals which may be lacking in your diet.  You will be provided with fact sheets containing practical advice on how to make the necessary changes to your diet to help you meet your nutritional requirements

  • Provide you with the resources you need to implement the changes

  • Follow up letter summarising consultation and diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • 6 weeks sample meal plan with delicious recipes

  • 6 weeks email support


Month 1 is all about getting through the first few weeks. For some people this can be a super easy journey, for some it can be harder. This all depends on your current lifestyle status. By doing weekly check-ins it will keep you on the right track. As well, you will have unlimited email support for any questions you may have and we can improve your plan accordingly to your needs. 

When month 2 rolls in you’ll already be seeing great results from your plan. I will have a better understanding of your pitfalls and I will be able to teach you more ways to improve. 

When you reach month 3 your body will have undergone huge changes and you’ll be in more control of your eating habits. Meaning by this time you have successfully transformed your body and mind.

Best for clients who needs complete guidance and help throughout their journey.

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