“After struggling with my health for over 2 years I was desperately looking for solutions. Dina’s direct approach resulted in an immediate improvement in my health.
From initial planning to changes and updates Dina has been very knowledgeable and understanding and helped me restore my health. I had no idea I could feel this good!”


“ I have dropped two sizes in my trousers. Went to buy a pair of jeans yesterday and had to get 2 sizes smaller. Same shop I always buy from so I know that it's not cause of different cuts!!! Sooooo happy!! Thank you for helping me!!”


I had felt inspired to do a cleanse after following Dina’s Instagram account which gave some insight into juice cleaning and fasting and the benefits this can have on your body (with professional guidance). 

I had reached out to Dina for advice on a cleanse, where she offered me a tailored plan to suit my current lifestyle choices and also one that was safe for me to do. 

Over the last few months I have been making unhealthy choices when it comes to food, emotionally eating, eating at bad times, snacking and generally lost ‘my mojo’ with regards to exercise and my sleeping pattern. 

With an operation at the end of the month I really wanted to try and reset these habits and make healthier choices which would set me up in good stead before undergoing surgery. 

Dina was very helpful providing me three different options in the one plan, each with a different level of difficulty. There was advice on supplements, when you should take your juices, how your juices should be made and even alternatives if you really needed to consume some kind of solid food but allowed you to carry on with the cleanse. 

I was sent regular ‘check-in’ texts and messages from Dina with health check up questions and also any offer of advice if it was needed.

I decided to not only do a three day but a five day cleanse, by day three my skin had dramatically improved, I no longer felt ‘puffy’ in my face and stomach and I was sleeping much better than I had in a very long time. 

Although the cleanse isn’t about weight lost I lost a total of nine pounds (I have gained a few healthy pounds back now) but it has helped me to now make much healthier choices, listen to my body and also more than anything given me a life changing amount of confidence back. 

Thank you Dina for all your advice, support and kindness before, during and after the cleanse. 


I tried the option 2 of the juice cleanse for three days. I found it to be very beneficial and it shrunk my stomach. It was a very thorough and if I was stuck for what to put in the juices/smoothies, I  could easily refer to the plan given to me. It literally is a step by step guide to re-boot your immune system. After the cleanse, I felt very energised and clean of all bad stuff inside. I would totally recommend to anyone wanting to re-boot their system and to find energy and balance in their eating and health habits.